Name of OHTL

3 OHTL in South East area - FRANCE

Voltage of OHTL




Duration of assignment

12.2008 - 09.2010

Value of service

716 k€

The aim of the project was the upgrading studies of a lot of 3 225kV OHTL located in the South East area of France, according to AT 2001 policy. Prior to any studies, HECLA's engineers carried out a site visit to clearly identify the tower generation and thus, the relevant detail drawings and numerical model, to ensure a correct study and avoid assembly problems during the works. For some towers, HECLA had to make on-site measurement of some tower parts to check that the detail drawings were in accordance.

Then, HECLA modeled the OHTLs with PLS-Cadd software (POWERLINE SYSTEM Inc., which allowed determination of the overloaded towers requiring reinforcements to withstand the climatic loads imposed by AT 2001.

Reinforcing kits have been designed by HECLA's engineers by using the steel latticed structures calculation TOWER (POWERLINE SYSTEM Inc.) with systematic optimization of installed steel weight and minimization of heavy works and outage durations. In the same way, kits have been developed in order to be installed on several towers belonging to the same family and mechanical type.

From the defined reinforcement sketches, detail drawings and bill of quantities have been established for supply and assembly of each kit.

In all, 42 reinforcing kits have been designed for this project, to strengthen 92 towers.