About Hecla

A word from the President

Set up in 2001 using the motto “l’expertise de l’énergie”, Hecla constantly moved higher in the world of engineering, relying on strong roots which can be found in professionalism, discipline, determination, competence, quality of service, respect for employees and customers. Hecla is also concerned about preservation of environment and consideration of third parties – remaining independent. So, Hecla is able to assist freely everybody to carry out projects in accordance with Society expectations.

These values – technical, moral and corporate roots – allowed me to structure my idea of Hecla engineering.

This structure is based on six pillars: to imagine, to initiate, to design, to organize, to supervise and to transfer.

My philosophy needs increased communication towards third parties and a perfect information flow within Hecla.

In this time of energy, economic and corporate renewal, it seems obvious to me to fix firmly our know-how on this website intended to symbolize what motivated my professional life, and what shaped it.

Jean Chauveau


To imagine

What Hecla imagines takes into consideration the existing, current and future needs, local, regional or others and when the existing has become insufficient.


To initiate

To initiate innovation means also to make its comprehension easier and to permit others to develop it even more.


To design

To design means also to understand. Concerning this matter, Hecla understands as well all problematics related to energy.


To organize

To organize is to structure, to orchestrate. In this sense, Hecla is both orchestrator and conductor of missions assigned to us.


To supervise

Each supervision carried out by Hecla’s team ends up in a respectful realization of customers, users and the respect of environment.


To transfer

To capitalize, to acquire knowledge and transfer it is constitutive to all social life.