Name of OHTL

Galères - Plaisance - Villevaudé - FRANCE

Voltage of OHTL




Duration of assignment

02.2005 - 02.2006

Value of service

15 k€

The aim of the project was to design a platform allowing aerial - underground connections on an existing 225kV steel latticed tower (G1SS_W type) in order to supply with power the AVRON substation belonging to SNCF. At this location, two 225kV double circuit OHL are in parallel and the substation supplying is made through the second line. Thus, additional cross arms have been added to the tower in order to connect both towers from each OHL, spaced out by 40m, and to allow connection on equipment installed on the platform.

Beforehand, a site visit has been carried out to check the real type of the tower and to determine the relevant detail drawings.

The particular design of the cross arms and the platform (designed to be equipped with diphase devices) was an integral part of HECLA's mission, as well as the choice of equipments and fittings, the tower modeling with TOWER software (POWERLINE SYSTEM Inc.), the realization of the workshop drawings and the bill of quantities to allow supply and assembly.

The project complexity was mainly due to the compact size of the platform and on the shape of the cross arms specifically studied to ensure electrical clearances.

All insulated equipment was made of composite in order to minimize the total installed weight.