Name of OHTL

N.A. – Kingdom of JORDAN

Voltage of OHTL



AREVA T&Delectrical network studies

Duration of assignment

05.2010 - 10.2010

Value of service

20 k€

The aim of the project was to carry out a feasibility study for the reinforcement of the Jordan transmission grid due to the implementation of new generation plant of 1.000 MW.

From the results of the 2020 Master Plan analysis, including additional generation sources, performed by AREVA T&D, our task was to define preliminary technical specifications for the future 132&400kV OHL needed to reinforce the Jordan transmission grid, and to provide budgetary cost estimation for the related construction works.

To do so, Hecla's engineer went to Jordan for a one week mission besides NEPCO (National Electric Power Company) in order to collect useful data and to visit various OHL and substations located throughout the territory.

A report showing the preliminary technical specifications has been written, containing various recommendations, coming from the analysis of NEPCO design standards for 132 and 400kV OHL, compared to IEC standards.

A second mission has been carried out to make a presentation of the final report in front of NEPCO General Management staff.

Then, HECLA estimated the budgetary costs for the new 132&400kV OHL construction works, based on the results of the Master Plan study.