Name of OHTL

Anou Araren - Akokan - NIGER

Voltage of OHTL




Duration of assignment

05.2011 - 10.2011

Value of service

16,2 k€

The aim of the project was to carry out a feasibility study for the uprating of the existing 132kV Anou Araren - Akokan (515 towers, 180km) for the Arlit area power supplying in Niger. Indeed, the initial design does not match anymore with the current power demand which requires an increase in transferred power from 40MVa to 60MVa.

The study consisted in checking that the cross section of the conductor was enough to transfer the new electrical intensity, in determining the new temperature of operation and its impacts on the conductor's sags and on the related clearances to ground.

To do so, HECLA's engineers have modeled the OHL with PLS-Cadd software and carried out conductor ampacity calculations (AACSR 228). Sag variations and ground clearances have been calculated with the new temperature of operation, and related works have been recommended.

The second part of the study was a feasibility study (preliminary design and budgetary cost estimation) for a new 132kV part to supply future mining site of approx. 15km long), connected to the existing line.

HECLA studied 3 line routes, taking into account topographical and hydrological constraints, made the tower spotting with preliminary design of towers, wrote the preliminary technical specifications and drew the longitudinal sections and the maps of the 3 line routes.

Budgetary cost estimation has also been performed by HECLA, for each of the 3 proposed line routes.