Name of OHTL

Lac D'Oo-Portillon - FRANCE

Voltage of OHTL




Duration of assignment

10.2010 - 12.2010

Value of service

12 k€

The aim of the project was the general assessment of a 150kV OHTL, built in 1940 in the Pyrenees, made of 26 latticed steel structures. A general assessment leads to determine the general state of decay of each OHTL components (towers, cables, fittings and foundations), from a ground site visit carried out by HECLA's engineers.

HECLA’s engineers thus seek missing, buckled and corroded elements, with characterization of corrosion.

When possible, HECLA tries to explain the origin of the defects (bent element due to buckling or impact, etc…).

To do so, the engineers have at their disposal different types of check list with exhaustive list of various points to be checked.
A photo album is also created, containing general view of each inspected tower and specific pictures of defects.

A site visit report is then written, which summarizes all the defects which have been detected and provides our expert recommendations on the actions to be led so as to guarantee the sustainability of the OHTL.