Name of OHTL

Garchizy - Nérondes - FRANCE

Voltage of OHTL



Ingedia Bep topographical studies

Duration of assignment

12.2008 - 02.2010

Value of service

320 k€

The aim of the project was the refurbishment, upgrading according to AT 2001 and optical fiber installation studies on a single circuit 63kV OHTL between the Garchizy substation and Nérondes substation (department of Cher - France).

Following a deep assessment done previously on this line, HECLA carried out the refurbishment study, which consisted in replacing components considered decayed (conductors and towers), in parallel to the reinforcement according to AT 2001 loadings and to the installation of an optical fiber between both substations.

To do so, HECLA modeled the line with PLS-Cadd software (POWERLINE SYSTEM Inc.). Then, the studies have been carried out, leading to the following works: Replacement of the 3 CROCUS 147,1mm² conductors (ACSR) by 2 ASTER 148mm² conductors (AAAC) and 1 OPPC ASTER 228mm² (AAAC), replacement of 20 towers, reinforcement of 40 towers and replacement of all insulator strings and fittings.

Then, HECLA prepared the tender documents and realized a cost estimation of the works.

All topographical parts (survey, drawings), administrative issues and land owner agreements have been performed by our partner INGEDIA BEP.

Key figures:
84 Towers for line length of 20,1 km, hence 70,5 km of new conductor
73T of steel for the 20 new towers